Mission Statement

Faces behind the ministry


Cristina Mason-Gutierrez

06/06/1975 - 09/11/2015


This is the inspiration behind Enduring By Grace Ministries. A mom, a wife, daughter, sister, and friend. To me, she is mom. She raised me to be a woman strong in faith and always taught me to "pray about it". She kept her faith until the very end and I admire her for it more and more everyday. I am so blessed that she raised me.


Elizabeth Christine


Hi! I'm Elizabeth and I'm the author and founder of Enduring By Grace. I'm praying that God will use me in big ways and bless this ministry as I feel this is my calling.

5 Fun facts about me:

1. I LOVE to bake, it's one of the ways I honor my mom.

2. I LOVE to write and my inspo usually comes from God's Word and this crazy journey He has me on.

3. I am a crazy dog mom. I enjoy spending time with my dog, Bella who is a Mastiff/ St. Bernard Mix. She's my baby.

4. I'm technologically challenged so I'm surprised this website appears decent! My husband, Cage is my "official" tech support.

5. Hmmm... last but not least I am an only child and a total daddy's girl. My dad and I miss my mom everyday, but I hope we're making her proud.

Want to know more about me? (Or just check out pictures of my dog?) You can visit the Enduring By Grace Instagram page and click my personal to see more!

Long Beach, CA, USA